Baldi’s Basics Classic

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Baldi’s Basics Classic is a retro-style horror educational game developed by independent game developer Micah McGonigal. It parodies the educational games of the 1990s while incorporating elements of horror and suspense. The game’s simple graphics and eerie atmosphere add to its unique charm. Baldi’s Basics Classic became an internet sensation due to its unexpected popularity and has since gained a dedicated fan base.

The game is set in a seemingly normal school, but things quickly take a dark turn. Players take on the role of a student who must collect seven notebooks scattered throughout the school while avoiding the pursuit of Baldi, the menacing teacher. The challenge lies in solving math problems on the notebooks to progress, all while being stalked by Baldi and other unsettling characters.

Baldi’s Basics Classic focuses on math-based puzzles and problem-solving. The game’s mechanics are intentionally simple and straightforward, reminiscent of early educational games. However, the difficulty ramps up quickly, and the pressure to solve problems and escape Baldi’s clutches creates a sense of tension and urgency.

Throughout the game, players must navigate the school’s corridors and classrooms, searching for notebooks while avoiding Baldi’s detection. Each notebook contains math problems that need to be solved to progress further. However, solving the problems correctly is crucial, as answering incorrectly will result in Baldi becoming faster and more aggressive.

The game’s horror elements come into play when players make mistakes or take too long to solve problems. Baldi’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic and aggressive, making it more challenging to escape his pursuit. The school is also populated with other disturbing characters, such as the Principal, who can catch the player if they misbehave, or the Jump Rope Girl, who can trap the player in place.

Baldi’s Basics Classic offers a unique and unconventional gaming experience that combines elements of horror and education. Its retro-style graphics, simple gameplay mechanics, and unexpected twists make it a memorable and entertaining game for players seeking a nostalgic yet unsettling experience.

How to Play

  1. Collect Notebooks: Explore the school and collect seven notebooks hidden in various locations.
  2. Solve Math Problems: Each notebook contains math problems that need to be solved correctly. Approach the notebook and click on the answer choices to select the correct solution.
  3. Avoid Baldi: Be cautious and avoid Baldi, the teacher who roams the school. If he catches you, it will have consequences.
  4. Manage Stamina: Running causes the player’s stamina to decrease. Be mindful of your stamina meter and manage it carefully to avoid being caught by Baldi or other characters.
  5. Use Items: Throughout the game, you may find various items that can assist you. These items can range from energy drinks to increase your speed temporarily, to safety scissors that can be used to cut off Baldi’s path.
  6. Be Aware of the Characters: Apart from Baldi, there are other characters in the school that can hinder your progress. Learn their behaviors and patterns to avoid getting caught.
  7. Pay Attention to Audio Cues: The game features audio cues that can help you track the location of characters or detect their proximity. Listen carefully to these cues and adjust your gameplay accordingly.
  8. Escape the School: Once you have collected all seven notebooks, head to the exit to escape the school and complete the game.


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Baldi’s Basics Classic is an intriguing and unconventional horror educational game that takes inspiration from retro educational games of the past. With its simple graphics, unexpected twists, and challenging gameplay, the game offers a unique and memorable experience. Balancing math problem-solving, resource management, and evading the pursuit of Baldi and other characters adds a layer of suspense and excitement. Whether you’re seeking a nostalgic trip down memory lane or enjoy horror-themed games with a twist, Baldi’s Basics Classic delivers an entertaining and eerie experience that will keep you on your toes. Prepare to enter the unsettling world of Baldi’s Basics Classic and put your problem-solving skills to the test.

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